• Angular - Pros and Cons

    With so much on offer of frameworks, sometimes is difficult to choose which to use. On this occasion, we will talk about AngularJS, a relatively new JavaScript-based open-source framework by Google, designed to make your front-end development as easy as possible and mainly maintained by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. Sounds great? Yeah, but as happens with almost any other framework, it has as many fans as detractors.

  • Beyond Bootstrap and AngularJS

    9 Super Front-End Frameworks That You Should Know About

    Nowadays any site must be flexible in order to satisfy different browsers, tablets, smartphones and any other device. This is where front-end development frameworks come into play.

    With frameworks you can build a well structured, maintainable and upgradable website. It also helps you save much on your time allowing you to create responsive, standard-compliant websites with minimum effort while at the same time keeping everything simple and consistent. Thereby, frameworks give you a lot of benefits such as speed and simplicity, consistency across different devices, and much more. In brief, frameworks make this job easier.

  • Building a Great UX for Your Mobile App: a Short Guide for Businesses

    We tested this on 10 different platforms. Here are what we found out about user experience. For every product designer, your most important is not your component or your engineering team. The most important component in the product process is the User.

  • Busting some myths about UX & UI

    If since some years ago we all recognize user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) as important parts of web development and app development, these days, nobody can deny, they’re indispensable. Today, more than ever before, the experience a user has with a site or application helps form their opinion of the organization, business or brand with whom he is interacting.

  • Explore 5 amazing jQuery UI alternatives

    Nowadays, most mobile software are built on JavaScript and the most popular framework that is used is jQuery, an open source and cross platform JavaScript library distributed by jQuery Foundation. And, as a JavaScript library built it on top of jQuery, jQuery UI provides code to build interactive user interface for dynamic web applications. In short, jQuery is the core library and jQuery UI is built on top of it.

  • Four Hacks for your next Product

    In an agile, consumer-driven product ecosystem, the need to build and launch great products and experiences through software is driving interest from product makers. Why is it important to create a great user experience?

  • Learn How QA Impacts UX

    Quality Assurance (QA) is a critical part of any web or application development project. It is very effective at identifying technical implementation issues and often issues with front-end design implementation and helps verify that a project has met the project’s requirements and technical specifications without bugs or other defects. In any case, one key factor that unites the disciplines of User Experience and Quality Assurance (QA) is the usability.

  • Meet Plored. A social platform that came to revolutionize fashion industry

    We started TISA several years ago with a simple mission: to develop and apply technologically innovative solutions to satisfy the customers' needs and goals, and (in a more ambitious way) looking forward to achieve a positive impact on people too. In order to achieve this goal, we have partnered with Plored, an innovative social network that rewards you for being trendy, to develop a new version of this platform and the mobile app. That´s why today we're excited to announce that Plored has just been selected among other companies to participate in IA, the International Accelerator Austin-based program.

  • Online Tools for Creating Amazing Material Design Color Pallets

    There is no doubt, that color is one of the most powerful design elements in any website or mobile app. It has the ability to communicate a brand’s personality without saying a single word, and it influences a consumer’s perception within a matter of seconds. However selecting the right colors for a design project is not a simple task.

    To help you in your search for the perfect color combination, and choose the most suitable colors for your development projects under the Material Design styles, we bring you the ultimate list of the best online tools to find the perfect palette. Enjoy!

  • Our essential best practices to AngularJS

    AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available today. An open source web application framework with an active community around it and built under design principles that support scalability, maintainability and modularization as its core.

  • Product Rules to Break on your Next Big Idea

    The common saying that rules are meant to be broken is especially true of tech endeavors. Nothing restricts creativity more than a set of rules. Here are some suggestions on the product rules to be broken mostly because they are exaggerated or no longer relevant.

  • Simplifying UX: it’s just like running

    Ever since the term User Experience design started being used a number of years ago, there has been a bit of confusion as to what UX design actually means. The main confusion tends to be that people think that UX design is just a fancy name for User Interface design. It’s very easy to see how this could seem to be the case. A lot of the deliverables that a UX designer produces can be very similar to that of a UI designer, but there is also a lot more work going on behind the scenes that is done to produce results that are not as easy to see. One of the reasons for this is that digital products are intangible. We can’t easily lift open the lid and see how all the gears fit together, so this makes it difficult to describe how they work and what they do.

  • The definitive Google kit for designers and developers

    Google has been leading the market for some time now and the visual market niche is no exception. Through simple, functional design and by using bright colors they managed to develop a unified system which connects with a field that is constantly changing and adjusting.

    In this article, we present a useful collection of five essential websites for any designer that intends to approach to the Google world!

  • The difference between a successful UX designer and the rest

    In the words of Steve Jobs design can be seen and felt. Therefore, every decision should be based upon certain objectives that meet the requirements and behavior of users. Hence, user experience design implies much more than just designing an interface.

    There are certain capabilities and abilities that designers must develop in order to satisfy users and make a difference.

  • The importance of typography on mobile app designing

    Typography is an essential part of this process and logically, appearance is the big motive in order to improve a design. A nice typography will always be your best choice.

  • Tips for building Engaging Mobile apps

    A smartphone is now a personal device and helps in more activities than just messaging. Every action on the smartphone is intimate and hence the design of the sites and the apps should be highly user-centric. Here are the top 10 tips that one should use for devising a strong mobile strategy and for successful user engagement.

  • What ReactJS is and how it works

    There are many Javascript frameworks, so when we need to choose what technology to use in the frontend of a new project, we face an important decision that will greatly influence the future of our application. In this cases it is important to choose technologies that complement and facilitate development. Since Facebook made public ReactJS, an open source Javascript library with great benefits in performance and modularity, things changed.

  • Why Bootstrap is loved by (almost) every developer

    Loved by some and hated by others, nowadays Bootstrap is one of the most popular, stable and responsive open source front-end frameworks. In this post we want to focus on what we consider the greatest advantages of using it.

  • Why Empathy is Crucial to Improve Your Website

    Too often the essence of web design comes down to designs where everything depends on the designer’s experience, appraisal and sensibility. But a good design as well as requiring knowledge of various design techniques, also requires understanding users, their problems, motifs and eventually goals. We are talking about empathy: understanding people to the point of knowing and sharing their emotions, and it is not a buzzword; it’s a real pursuit. The ability to empathise is recognised as a crucial soft skill that web designers, writers and managers require.


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