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  • 5 Tips to Choosing Between Native or Cross-Platform Development

    Having a mobile strategy is no longer an option. However, choosing the right approach is currently more difficult than ever. That´s why we created a few steps guide to choosing the most suitable approach for your next project.

  • Building a Great UX for Your Mobile App: a Short Guide for Businesses

    We tested this on 10 different platforms. Here are what we found out about user experience. For every product designer, your most important is not your component or your engineering team. The most important component in the product process is the User.

  • Considerations before selecting a Technology Partner

    Defining the best technological partner is a strategic decision that will impact on your company's productivity and objectives fulfilment. In this post you will learn how to make the best decision.

    First, you should determine what you want. Before start seeing the options that the market offers, you must define exactly what you need and you can.

  • Digital Transformation during times of COVID-19

    As cases for COVID-19 increase at an immense rate, it has caused major changes for businesses. This pandemic acts as a catalyst for change in all aspects- economic, societal, and personal. Companies that must involve in-person interactions must change to a digital platform. Due to the pandemic and social distancing regulations, Consumers have been spending more time using their computers and smartphones.

  • Explore 5 amazing jQuery UI alternatives

    Nowadays, most mobile software are built on JavaScript and the most popular framework that is used is jQuery, an open source and cross platform JavaScript library distributed by jQuery Foundation. And, as a JavaScript library built it on top of jQuery, jQuery UI provides code to build interactive user interface for dynamic web applications. In short, jQuery is the core library and jQuery UI is built on top of it.

  • How to Become a Mobile-First Company and not die trying?

    From the way we communicate and learn to the way we do business, we must accept that life on this planet is becoming increasingly mobile. This has led to some major shifts in some long-established industries, as well as creation of new industries or areas of opportunity around.

  • How to establish a Company culture with your nearshore Development Team

    The idea of having a remote software development team is on the rise. However with the growing number, product managers are facing a surge in new problems as well. After all, it’s quite challenging to manage and maintain a strong remote team culture when the team is dispersed across continents.

  • Nearshoring Software Development - A Few Tips for Success

    As we outlined in previous posts, while offshoring has lost some of its value and fewer companies opt for traditional offshore destinations, nearshoring provides a cost-effective, safe and, often superior alternative.

  • The definitive Google kit for designers and developers

    Google has been leading the market for some time now and the visual market niche is no exception. Through simple, functional design and by using bright colors they managed to develop a unified system which connects with a field that is constantly changing and adjusting.

    In this article, we present a useful collection of five essential websites for any designer that intends to approach to the Google world!

  • The difference between a successful UX designer and the rest

    In the words of Steve Jobs design can be seen and felt. Therefore, every decision should be based upon certain objectives that meet the requirements and behavior of users. Hence, user experience design implies much more than just designing an interface.

    There are certain capabilities and abilities that designers must develop in order to satisfy users and make a difference.

  • Tips for choosing the right outsourcing Partner

    Outsourcing isn’t exactly a new trend. One could even say that it is more or less mainstream and culturally accepted within IT organizations, but choosing the right outsourcing partner can be one of the most difficult tasks that organizations face today. That's why before choosing an outsource partner, you must ask yourself some questions. Does the selected partner have experience? Has your selected outsourcing service provider been able to provide quality services to your company? Does your chosen business partner use the best in technology? Does your outsourcing provider have trained professionals?

  • What ReactJS is and how it works

    There are many Javascript frameworks, so when we need to choose what technology to use in the frontend of a new project, we face an important decision that will greatly influence the future of our application. In this cases it is important to choose technologies that complement and facilitate development. Since Facebook made public ReactJS, an open source Javascript library with great benefits in performance and modularity, things changed.


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