• Are you ready for the next SEO revolution?

    It was believed that voice search was not going to be chosen by users and therefore was not meant to last. However, data shows something different: the amount of voice searches is increasing and this tendency is expected to have a direct impact in SEO.

  • Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward Search Experience Optimization

    In the last years SEO has focused basically in improving the positioning of a site in different search engines (mainly Google), through various strategies and actions with the ultimate goal to rank each site on top of the search results. Actually, that is what it is about. But what does it really means?

  • How do Social Networks have influence over SEO

    For years, the dispute whether there is an impact of social networks over SEO has become an ongoing matter of discussion. This matter refers to the social signals, that is to say, the “likes”, “retweets” or the share contents, among others.

    The answer that all analysts affirm about Social SEO have to do with the fact that the social signals have an influence over the positioning of a website, although not in a direct way.

  • How outsourcing your SEO can help improve your business

    Search engine optimization has become vital for any website and if you are currently doing SEO or want to start, a usual question is whether or not to outsource your SEO efforts to an agency. All too frequently, managers attempt the “do it yourself” option to save money but end up wasting both time and resources. While even amateurs can improve their website by applying some basic tips, a good SEO agency can benefit you in a large amount of ways that amateurs can't.

  • Learn the reason why investing in SEO can be your best option

    That’s a good question… For now on, we are going to give you a million reasons why. Each day more than 35.000 searches per second are carried out in google and a great factor to take into account is that, this number of searches is only going to grow. However, the users are not going to find the content of your web page if it is not among the first search results. So, why do you have to invest in SEO?

  • SEO and SEM. Positioning Your Business For Search Success

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be confusing concepts to grasp. Both terms are often mixed, which makes matters even worse. Although SEO and SEM work hand in hand, they are not the same term. In this post, we will help shed some light on the matter by identifying each one of them and clarifying the difference between them.

  • Why SXO is the new SEO and how to improve it

    If there is something that characterizes the positioning in search engines in recent years has been the constant change. The arrival of Panda, the turn caused by Penguin, or the recent departure of Google Colibri, are nothing more than actions aimed at providing a better user experience, increase the time spent on the page and the conversion of each visit. Hence the need to change the focus and bet on new positioning techniques, turning the course towards the user. Hello Search Experience Optimization!


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