• Building a Great UX for Your Mobile App: a Short Guide for Businesses

    We tested this on 10 different platforms. Here are what we found out about user experience. For every product designer, your most important is not your component or your engineering team. The most important component in the product process is the User.

  • Choosing Between Native, Web Or Hybrid Apps?

    The moment you consider investing in a mobile app, you’re immediately faced with a barrage of terminology. To help you choose which approach is best for your app idea in this post we want to introduce you a summary of the differences between the three main approaches to building an app: native, web, or hybrid.

    The option you choose largely depends on three main factors: the quality of the experience you want your app to have, the complexity of the features you need for your app to work, and your budget.

  • Digital Transformation during times of COVID-19

    As cases for COVID-19 increase at an immense rate, it has caused major changes for businesses. This pandemic acts as a catalyst for change in all aspects- economic, societal, and personal. Companies that must involve in-person interactions must change to a digital platform. Due to the pandemic and social distancing regulations, Consumers have been spending more time using their computers and smartphones.

  • Discover the reasons why your business should have a mobile strategy

    There is nothing new about the fact that mobile devices have drastically changed the digital outlook. It is estimated that during 2011, 5.500 million apps were downloaded, a number that falls really short compared to the 200.000 million apps that were downloaded last year.

    Anybody could think that those numbers are just another argument for companies which have still not created mobile apps, to start doing it. Nevertheless, some people are still considering if investing in the development of apps could help to their business growth.

  • Four Hacks for your next Product

    In an agile, consumer-driven product ecosystem, the need to build and launch great products and experiences through software is driving interest from product makers. Why is it important to create a great user experience?

  • Is Cross-Platform Mobile The Best Option for you?

    Nowadays, the latest generation of tools may finally be able to deliver on the promises that have been made for so many years. With the right tools, apps can be developed once to run on every platform.

    So, is cross platform mobile the best option right now? We are living in an era where people are really well connected with their mobile devices 24/7. We need to make things work well.

  • Mobile First & Responsive Design: pros and cons of each strategy

    You've surely heard the phrases "responsive design" and "mobile first" tossed around. From some years back the web is putting more emphasis on good user experience. In fact, that's the main reason why businesses are concerned with investing in web design: if the usability of a site is low, you can bet the user rate follows suit.

  • Product Rules to Break on your Next Big Idea

    The common saying that rules are meant to be broken is especially true of tech endeavors. Nothing restricts creativity more than a set of rules. Here are some suggestions on the product rules to be broken mostly because they are exaggerated or no longer relevant.

  • Project Tango - ‘Seeing’ in 3D, in real time

    Since the earliest days of the smartphone, tech companies have been working to design these devices as tools with capabilities beyond communication. A while ago now in early 2014, Google announced the launch of Project Tango, which brings the capacity for 3D imaging to tablets. A powerful Android device to gain awareness of the space it was in, and to do so far more precisely than anything seen before. Yes, your device can be more useful.

  • Tips for building Engaging Mobile apps

    A smartphone is now a personal device and helps in more activities than just messaging. Every action on the smartphone is intimate and hence the design of the sites and the apps should be highly user-centric. Here are the top 10 tips that one should use for devising a strong mobile strategy and for successful user engagement.

  • Top mobile design trends to watch this year

    Today’s smartphones are as powerful as computers were just a few years ago, and for this reason modern day discerning consumers increasingly demand more mobile accessibility. Just to keep in mind: nowadays the average time that people spend on smartphones and tablets each day is about 160 minutes...


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