• Angular - Pros and Cons

    With so much on offer of frameworks, sometimes is difficult to choose which to use. On this occasion, we will talk about AngularJS, a relatively new JavaScript-based open-source framework by Google, designed to make your front-end development as easy as possible and mainly maintained by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. Sounds great? Yeah, but as happens with almost any other framework, it has as many fans as detractors.

  • Beyond Bootstrap and AngularJS

    9 Super Front-End Frameworks That You Should Know About

    Nowadays any site must be flexible in order to satisfy different browsers, tablets, smartphones and any other device. This is where front-end development frameworks come into play.

    With frameworks you can build a well structured, maintainable and upgradable website. It also helps you save much on your time allowing you to create responsive, standard-compliant websites with minimum effort while at the same time keeping everything simple and consistent. Thereby, frameworks give you a lot of benefits such as speed and simplicity, consistency across different devices, and much more. In brief, frameworks make this job easier.

  • Our essential best practices to AngularJS

    AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available today. An open source web application framework with an active community around it and built under design principles that support scalability, maintainability and modularization as its core.

  • Simplifying UX: it’s just like running

    Ever since the term User Experience design started being used a number of years ago, there has been a bit of confusion as to what UX design actually means. The main confusion tends to be that people think that UX design is just a fancy name for User Interface design. It’s very easy to see how this could seem to be the case. A lot of the deliverables that a UX designer produces can be very similar to that of a UI designer, but there is also a lot more work going on behind the scenes that is done to produce results that are not as easy to see. One of the reasons for this is that digital products are intangible. We can’t easily lift open the lid and see how all the gears fit together, so this makes it difficult to describe how they work and what they do.


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